Ramp For Good: Eat Or Heat

Ramp For Good #2

Regular readers will know about Ramp For Good, our project to give away free (or very heavily discounted) charity t-shirts to organisations making the world a better place.

The recipients of June’s donation are Eat Or Heat, a brilliant food bank based in London. With the number of people in the UK needing to turn to food banks now at a record high, the work they do is increasingly important. Eat Or Heat is there to support them as they struggle to pay bills AND feed their families. In other words, you shouldn’t have to make a choice. “Life shouldn’t be eat or heat”.

They accept tinned and long-life foods, as well as sanitary products, and use them to create food parcels for the vulnerable in the community.

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Hotjar’s free t-shirt referral program

At Ramp we’re big fans of Hotjar. We use it to tell us where we’re “losing” people on our website, and where they’re clicking, so that we can make things clearer, simpler and more efficient.

Nick Heim, their Director Of Marketing described it to me as “the closest thing to telepathy for your website”, which I thought was a pretty cool description!

I’d caught up with Hotjar because we were intrigued by the way they used free t-shirts to incentivise referrals, and drive thousands of new sign-ups. We thought it was really smart…

“We launched a super-simple referral program a few years ago, and it’s remained unchanged since then”, said Nick. “It’s a gamified system that simply rewards people with swag for sending new users our way. If you refer 5 users to Hotjar, we’ll send you a free t-shirt. If you’re in the top 5 referrers of that month, we’ll send you a hoodie!”.

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Our Budget t-shirt: Fruit of the Loom Original T

Introducing our Budget t-shirt: the Fruit of the Loom Original T. This t-shirt goes under a lot of different names, but it’s the basic one in FOTL’s range.

We think this is a good basic choice for promotional giveaways to corporate uniforms to band merch.  It’s not really a fashion t-shirt due to the weight and cut, but it’s still really good quality and will keep its shape and colour for many, many washes.

It’s a great value, simple shirt. Straight up and down, this is not a fitted t-shirt so if you’re not sure who will be wearing it and you need make sure they fit, this will work. Screenprinting looks good on it due to the ringpsun cotton – which has a finely knitted gauge for enhanced printability.

Fruit of the Loom Original t-shirt in purple
Fruit of the Loom Original t-shirt in purple

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Keen IO’s brilliant t-shirt Easter Egg for developers

Keen IO are a San Francisco startup that makes it easy to create real-time data applications through the use of their API. What this means in non-tech terms is that 60,000 people use Keen IO APIs to capture, analyze, and embed data analytics into their products. It allows them to use all this data and present it in a usable way, through graphs, charts, tables etc.

Because they’re a technical product, their primary users tend to be developers. And to engage their audience they’ve hidden* a brilliant free t-shirt Easter egg in their API documentation – for our non-technical readers, this is the “manual” that their users must consult to know how to implement Keen IO’s code properly.

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Our Premium t-shirt: American Apparel 50/50

Introducing one of our favourite t-shirts. We call it the Premium t-shirt: the American Apparel 50/50, also known as BB401.

Tech firms; Silicon Valley Startups; those who have a good budget and want to send a premium product to favourite customers, and those who want to sell only the finest merch.

The AA50/50 is a super stylish cut, feels incredibly soft to wear and screenprinting looks amazing on it.

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Our Standard t-shirt: The Gildan Softstyle

Introducing one of our favourite t-shirts, what we call our Standard t-shirt: the Gildan Softstyle.

All uses, from promotional giveaways to corporate uniforms to band merch. It looks like a premium product but at a great price.

This is a a really versatile choice for your garment. Why? It’s great value, stylish, feels great to wear and screenprinting looks amazing on it.

It’s called Softstyle because it uses Gildan’s proprietary softstyle yarns. These yarns consume less energy to manufacture, producing less waste and result in a more stable print surface than traditional ring spun products (such as our budget t-shirts).

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How to increase event attendee numbers & satisfaction for just £3 a head!

Today we’re finding out how you increase event attendee satisfaction & attendance for just a few dollars / pounds / Euros a head. 

Whenever I wear my TEDxCardiff t-shirt people ask me when the next event is.


But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself.

How much did you spend per head on food and drinks for your last conference? $10? £20? €50

How much did you spend per head on marketing to get people to your seminar? €5? £10? $20??

And how much do people speak about the catering afterwards? How much do people comment on your marketing strategies in the weeks after your event?


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Announcing: Ramp For Good!

T-shirts are an incredible tool for spreading a message of good charity causes, creating team unity, and rewarding volunteers. They are hugely visible, cheap, and reusable many, many times. They’re ideal for both marketing AND team-building.

Volunteers at music festival, Swn good charity causes
Volunteers at music festival, Swn

With this in mind, we want to make it clear that Ramp cares about more than just helping you order t-shirts. We love music, fairness, friends, democracy and equality. And that’s why we want to use our business to help people doing good.

So, starting in March, we’re launching a new project for good charity causes.

Every month we’ll give away a bunch of free high-quality, screenprinted t-shirts to a project, charity, or organisation that is making the world a better place.

And each month we’ll write about this organisation, and follow the story of those t-shirts – where they went, who wore them, and how they benefited the project that received them. And then we’ll ask that project to nominate the next month’s recipients so that the t-shirt love is spread wider and wider.

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What is Screen Printing?

What is screenprinting-

Screen printing (or as it’s sometimes known, silk screen printing) is how we print your t-shirts here at Ramp.

So why do we use screen printing, and what is it?

Silkscreen printing gives you the best, sharpest results when your artwork is transferred onto cotton. Let’s take a look at the process.

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The best t-shirts from SXSW – inspiration for 2017!

We’re just starting to get ready for the influx of orders for this year’s beer, music, movies and tech fest that is South By South West in Austin, Texas. SXSW t-shirts are an absolutely vital part of this amazing event, and we don’t recall seeing more than a handful of people wearing much else during our times there!

So, for inspiration, here’s some previous great SXSW t-shirts that have been spotted wandering around the conference centre by day, and 6th Street by night….

SXSW t-shirts

Startup Repp got some brilliant conversations started in 2013 with this provocative number!

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