Number #3 in our limited edition t-shirt series

Limited Edition T-shirt Number 3:
Designed by Lowri at

It’s maybe stating the obvious, but we live and breathe t-shirts here at Ramp HQ. And we’ve written before about how we think t-shirts are a great way to say “thank you” to your customers or users. So it’s only right that we lead by example. For every order of over £250/$250 you’ll get a very special limited edition t-shirt. For free, in the size of your choice.

The first and second limited edition designs are now totally gone, so we’re happy to launch our third design. Check it out:

Ramp tshirts LTD edition tshirt no.3
Ramp tshirts LTD edition tshirt no.3

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Back in the GDPR

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you’ve probably been bombarded by a torrent of GDPR opt in emails recently. If you don’t know what GDPR is, then in a nutshell, it’s the European Union laws around user data and consent. It pretty much means that you control a load more of your data around the web. Here’s what we’ve been doing to meet the standards, right after a picture of a t-shirt to make this blog more interesting:

Sandwiches of New York - Shirt Printed by Ramp
Liberty and all that. Sandwiches of New York – Shirt Printed by Ramp


  1. Rewritten our Privacy Policy to make it clearer when we’re allowing any third parties access to your data, and letting you opt out of those services where possible.4.

2. Made a policy for dealing with user data requests – you can ask us to delete your information, or ask for a copy of it. We’re not Facebook, so there’s no automatic download / delete button, but we will do this for you in a reasonable timeframe.

3. Removed some third party services that track your information, that we no longer use.

4. Changed all our email sign in buttons to be opt in rather than opt out.

5. We’ll only send you emails when you’ve explicitly consented to receiving them – so that means for example, if you’ve signed up to a newsletter. We’ve seen a load of emails asking you to resign up for various newsletters, but we don’t need to do this if you’ve already consented to be on our list in the past.

6. We also send you an email if you’ve done something that means you’d reasonably expect to receive an email related to that thing – eg when you sign up; when you request a quote or artwork; when your payment goes through; when your order ships.

This is what we’ve done so far – but GDPR  is an ongoing project, so we’ll continue to improve the site for you and your data.

Customer acquisition with promotional merchandise [Free webinar]

We’ve recently been running a series of webinars teaching people how to get more users and customers by giving away t-shirts and other promotional merchandise. It’s a tried and trusted method, and in the video below our CEO breaks it down to help you understand how you can do it in a risk-free way.


In this short, informative recording, we looked at some great case-studies of people who have generated literally millions of dollars for their business by giving away free t-shirts, as well as given away some great tips and tricks for how you can try these methods basically risk free.

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Great quality custom apparel for teams and events

What kind of custom apparel do you need?

HOODIES              BAGS              T-SHIRTS            ANYTHING ELSE?

  TOTE BAG- QD23   royal-1              

At Ramp, we’re known for printing great quality screen-printed custom apparel for teams, events, groups and companies with free shipping in UK, Europe and USA. Just check out our amazing reviews on Google and Facebook

We print a variety of custom clothes like hoodies, bags, vests, sweatshirts, prints with non standard placing on the printed garment and basically anything else you can screen-print on (find out more about the screenprinting we use and what is the difference between digital printing and screenprinting).

So, here’s a quick run-down of what you can get from us:

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Get more users and customers with t-shirts. Free webinar with Ramp’s CEO, Neil Cocker.

We’re currently running a series of webinars aimed at helping you understand how to use t-shirts to win more business, get more users and customers, at the same time as making you look good!

Win more business with t-shirts. Free webinar with Ramp’s CEO, Neil Cocker.

In this short webinar, you’ll find out:

  • Why t-shirts *rock* at winning you more business.
  • How to make it a nearly risk-free marketing channel.
  • How to calculate the return on investment.
  • How they will pay for themselves many times over.
  • How to do it like the companies who have made millions using t-shirts as marketing tools.
  • How to use insider tricks for maximising value when ordering.



Finally, we give away the secrets behind our cold email campaign that broke the internet.

From analysing case studies of businesses that have done it brilliantly (and generated millions of dollars of revenue from it!), to understanding the return on investment of t-shirts (or any other type of merch or swag), Neil will run you through everything you need to consider in order to make sure you win new business, and make people love what you do!

The webinars are conducted on a weekly basis, at different times to accommodate every time zone. If you’d like to know when the next webinar is, enter your email above.

If you can’t tune in, don’t worry – a recording of the webinar will be sent to you afterwards.

How we wrote and sent the “best cold email ever”.

This is the story of how we emailed 50,000 companies, with the “best cold email ever”, offering the services of Ramp, the smartest, simplest, custom t-shirts ordering site in the world. Each sales email featured a photo of me, Ramp’s CEO, wearing their company t-shirt so that they could see what they would be buying. And whether they bought custom t-shirts, or custom printed hoodies, it drove an incredible amount of traffic and customers our way.

Just click on the blue button at the top of the page to see our prices.

(UPDATE – We’re currently raising investment. Drop us a line if you’re a professional investor and interested in helping a smart, innovative, data-driven company reach its potential. My email address is in most of the screengrabs.)

(UPDATE 2 – this blogpost has been shared so widely it’s now been copied/rewritten in French and German).

UPDATE 3 – Neil is being asked to speak about this campaign at various events and conferences. So far it’s been really well received, with audiences in  four different countries describing it as insightful and genuinely useful (honest!). Drop us a line if you’re interested in .

Best cold email - positive response -1

Best cold email - positive response -2

Best cold email - positive response -3

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Why Business Slogan T-shirts are a Good Idea

All businesses want to create a sense of uniformity and brand recognition. They also want their message and brand to be widely spread by their team and their customers. What better way to do it than through the use of custom business slogan t-shirts?

Why Business Slogan T-shirts are a Good Idea?

Now, we get it. “Business slogans” don’t sound like the most exciting artwork for custom t-shirts, but it’s ultimately all about the appeal and message of your slogan. Get it right and it can be hugely memorable.

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Swn Festival

The Welsh capital city of Cardiff (the fastest growing capital city in Europe, fact fans!), is home to Swn Festival. It’s an amazing city-wide festival where over the course of a few days every year you trot between many events, discovering incredible new and established acts from a wide array of genres. This year we caught everything doomrock to dubstep, and punk to psych.

It was all incredible!

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Win a startup pack worth £1100 / $1500

We’re working with Startup Stickers, Jon Buchan & Vin Clancy to give away a bunch of free custom t-shirts, a ton of stickers, and two great mentoring sessions to one lucky winner this month + 4 e-books “Secret Sauce: The Ultimate Growth Hacking Guide” from growth-hacking master Vin Clancy for the winner + 3 runners-up. Just enter your email below, and we’ll be in touch very soon if you’ve won!

  • £150 / $200 worth of t-shirts made by Ramp T-shirts
  • £240 / $300 worth of 500 Stickers of your logo made by STKRS
  • £60 / $80 worth of 1 large wall decal of your logo made by STKRS
  • £600 / $800 worth of 2 Skype/Zoom sessions with Jon Buchan & A copy of “Always Be Winning” – his ‘find clients – win new clients’ course.
  • E-books from growth-hacking master Vin Clancy. The winner, plus 3 runners-up, will each receive a copy of “Secret Sauce: The Ultimate Growth Hacking Guide” worth $100.

It takes less than 10 seconds!

Learn how you can make money with screen-printed t-shirts!

5 reasons why you should make custom t-shirts for your company

How to get more customers with promotional merchandise, and how to do it better.

5 T-Shirt Reward Tips for a Successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaign

Offering t-shirts as a reward for crowdfunding is a great idea. It makes your backers feel good and it’s free publicity too – we still wear promo t-shirts years after we were given them. But there’s plenty of traps you can fall into. Here’s 5 T-Shirt Reward Tips for a Successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaign.

Crowdfunding Graphic
Crowdfunding Graphic by

1 General

There’s plenty of guides about how to succeed in general at crowdfunding – we’re not going to go into detail in this blog but here’s a few important insights:

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