How Sujan Patel’s innovative growth hack of giving away t-shirts resulted in $1m of sales!

Single Grain T-shirts courtesy of
Single Grain T-shirts courtesy of

I recently spoke to someone who truly understands the power of custom merchandise for business development, and how it delights customers and, crucially, brings you new ones for just a few dollars each. It’s a relatively cheap, innovative growth hack that had huge results!

I stumbled across Sujan Patel’s great blogpost about how he generated $980,000 worth of new business for his company “Single Grain” using t-shirts. It was an amazing read, and I immediately emailed him to jump on a call to chat. And he was just as passionate about the cotton as us! Continue reading “How Sujan Patel’s innovative growth hack of giving away t-shirts resulted in $1m of sales!”

5 reasons why you should make custom t-shirts for your company

5 reasons why you should make custom t-shirts for your company

5 reasons why you should make your own custom t-shirts

Why spend money and time making custom t-shirts at all? Couldn’t you spend that time on other things? Well, yes, you could, but here’s 5 reasons why you should make custom t-shirts for your company that will show you they’re value for money, and how you could earn back ten times the amount you spend.

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September T-shirt competition. Free t-shirts for your team, startup or event!

We’re giving away a bunch of t-shirts to one lucky winner this month. Just enter your email below (and share with your friends to get a load more free entries!), and we’ll be in touch very soon if you’ve won!

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Number #2 in our limited edition t-shirt series

Limited Edition T-shirt Number 2:
Designed by Adam at Croatoan Design.

It’s maybe stating the obvious, but we live and breathe t-shirts here at Ramp HQ. And we’ve written before about how we think t-shirts are a great way to say “thank you” to your customers or users. So it’s only right that we lead by example. When you place an order with us, you’ll get a very special limited edition t-shirt. For free. In the size of your choice.

The first limited edition design is now totally gone, so we’re happy to launch our second design. Check it out:

Number #2 in our limited edition t-shirt series designed by Croatoan Design.
Our 2nd Limited Edition T-shirt.

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ClickFunnels free t-shirts are the “ultimate onboarding bribe”!

If you’re wondering how companies can use t-shirts to grow their users and build a community, then you need to check out ClickFunnels. It’s a service to help you build any kind of marketing funnel for your website. They’ve clearly thought about it a huge amount, and baked t-shirts into this part of their customer acquisition process from the very start. But as well as helping them bring in more customers,

t-shirts are a huge part of how they have built a great community around their 48,000 users.

I caught up with Dave Woodward, ClickFunnels’ Chief Business Development Officer, to find a little bit more about their super-smart incentive, and how it works for them.

I'm a funnel hacker!😎💻🖲💡💵

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How to get more customers with promotional merchandise, and how to do it better.

My Google Campus Wallet

Last summer, we were invited to take part in a week-long programme at Google Campus where, along with several other startups, we were given access to some of Google’s finest minds and insights.

It was a brilliant week that helped us refine a lot of the thinking we’d been doing over the previous months. And I’m only being slightly facetious when I say that one of the highlights was the free Google swag. Being the mighty world-beating behemoth that they are, they don’t do things by halves. And what we were given helped me crystalise my thinking around the benefits of promotional merchandise.

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Ramp For Good: Eat Or Heat

Ramp For Good #2

Regular readers will know about Ramp For Good, our project to give away free (or very heavily discounted) charity t-shirts to organisations making the world a better place.

The recipients of June’s donation are Eat Or Heat, a brilliant food bank based in London. With the number of people in the UK needing to turn to food banks now at a record high, the work they do is increasingly important. Eat Or Heat is there to support them as they struggle to pay bills AND feed their families. In other words, you shouldn’t have to make a choice. “Life shouldn’t be eat or heat”.

They accept tinned and long-life foods, as well as sanitary products, and use them to create food parcels for the vulnerable in the community.

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Hotjar’s free t-shirt referral program

At Ramp we’re big fans of Hotjar. We use it to tell us where we’re “losing” people on our website, and where they’re clicking, so that we can make things clearer, simpler and more efficient.

Nick Heim, their Director Of Marketing described it to me as “the closest thing to telepathy for your website”, which I thought was a pretty cool description!

I’d caught up with Hotjar because we were intrigued by the way they used free t-shirts to incentivise referrals, and drive thousands of new sign-ups. We thought it was really smart…

“We launched a super-simple referral program a few years ago, and it’s remained unchanged since then”, said Nick. “It’s a gamified system that simply rewards people with swag for sending new users our way. If you refer 5 users to Hotjar, we’ll send you a free t-shirt. If you’re in the top 5 referrers of that month, we’ll send you a hoodie!”.

Hey hey hey! Thanks for the amazing gifts @hotjar! This hoodie is awesome! #hoodie #hotjar #entrepreneurs #it #marketingdigital

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Our Budget t-shirt: Fruit of the Loom Original T

Introducing our Budget t-shirt: the Fruit of the Loom Original T. This t-shirt goes under a lot of different names, but it’s the basic one in FOTL’s range.

We think this is a good basic choice for promotional giveaways to corporate uniforms to band merch.  It’s not really a fashion t-shirt due to the weight and shape.

It’s a great value, simple shirt. Straight up and down, this is not a fitted t-shirt so if you’re not sure who will be wearing it and you need make sure they fit, this will work. Screenprinting looks good on it due to the ringpsun cotton – which has a finely knitted gauge for enhanced printability.

Fruit of the Loom Original t-shirt in purple
Fruit of the Loom Original t-shirt in purple

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How do I fold a t-shirt?

How do I fold a t-shirt?

There’s actually plenty of ways to fold a t-shirt, but this method is our favourite because you end up with a neat and tidy fold that shows off the design on the front of the shirt, and it fits perfectly into an envelope for posting. Using this method the label is also easily checked, even when the t-shirt is fully folded, so you can keep track of sizes easily.

Step 1

Lay your t-shirt face down on a flat surface. It doesn’t have to be orange. Just flat.

how do i fold a t-shirt

Step 2

Fold the arms and the sides in by about a third each. You’re aiming to make an oblong shape. Tuck one sleeve under the other. Continue reading “How do I fold a t-shirt?”