T-shirts are more effective than Adwords – And here’s the proof.

Adwords vs Customised T-shirts
Tipping the scales with customised t-shirts

Are branded t-shirts a justified marketing expense? There’s an endless stream of other things you could spend that money on – Facebook advertising, PPC, print, direct mail, you name it.

Now, I’ve never seen anybody dressed in a Google Adwords campaign, but a well-designed and well thought out company t-shirt can be a devastatingly effective and versatile business tool.

But here’s the big question – are t-shirts just a vanity thing, or are they actually worth investing money in? And are they really a better advertising medium than Facebook or Google?

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The best t-shirts from SXSW – inspiration for 2017!

We’re just starting to get ready for the influx of orders for this year’s beer, music, movies and tech fest that is South By South West in Austin, Texas.

T-shirts are an absolutely vital part of this amazing event, and we don’t recall seeing more than a handful of people wearing much else during our times there!

So, for inspiration, here’s some previous great t-shirts that have been spotted wandering around the conference centre by day, and 6th Street by night….

Startup Repp got some brilliant conversations started in 2013 with this provocative number!

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Changing the perception of old age

Last month we printed some great t-shirts for ChangingAging. We were really interested in what they were doing. Their charismatic spokesperson is Dr Bill Thomas. He started with the idea that “what we need is a radical reinterpretation of longevity that makes elders (and their needs) central to our collective pursuit of happiness and well-being“.

In other words, society’s attitude to old-age is messed up and we could do much better.

Check out his TEDx talk here:

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T-shirt #1 in our limited edition series

It’s maybe stating the obvious, but we live and breathe t-shirts here at Ramp HQ.

And we’ve written before about how we think t-shirts are a great way to say “thank you” to your customers or users. So it’s only right that we lead by example. From today, when you place an order with us, we’ll send you a very special limited edition t-shirt, for free, in the size of your choice.

neil ramp t-shirt

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How many colours are in my design?

If you’re going to be screenprinting your images onto t-shirts, you need to know how many colours are in your image. Now that should be straightforward, right? Well, yes and no. Let’s look at a few cases where it’s not quite so simple.

But first, why do we even need to know how many colours there are? Why can’t we just print your shirt, dammit?

Yeah, that’d be nice, but screenprinting isn’t like other types of printing. Printing onto a rough, uneven surface like a t-shirt means we first need to make a template for each colour. Those templates are called screens — pretty much a stencil.

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How to use Ramp Tshirts

You’ve got your logo ready to go.

You’ve got thousands of people ready to buy. Your event is coming up soon.

Time to get some screen printed t-shirts made. Cool. We do that.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the ordering process, including the info about how we help you with sizing (you can read more about that here)

Hit us up on the live chat at http://www.ramptshirts.com and we’ll answer any questions you have.

How we got featured on Product Hunt’s front page for 3 days

Hi, I’m Neil, the CEO of Ramp (we’re trying to make the process of buying t-shirts for your team quicker, smarter, simpler and more transparent), and we recently spent three days with a significant presence on the front page of Product Hunt, and I’d like to share with you what happened, and how we’ve benefited. TL;DR — scroll to the bottom for our key takeaways.

You can read a million and one blog posts about how to “win” on Product Hunt. This isn’t one of those. This is just putting some simple, honest numbers around what happened to us. I can’t be sure whether our success was down to our, ahem, genius or dumb luck. Or a mix of both.

I’m not trying to suggest a way of gaming Product Hunt. Firstly because I really can’t be sure what worked, and what didn’t work. And secondly because those guys are certainly a lot smarter than us, so will undoubtedly be one step ahead of anything we attempted.

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Design inspiration for t-shirts

Before you get started, bear in mind that creating a logo or artwork shouldn’t be a quick job. Think about how you want to represent your brand and whether what you’ve created fits with your style. After all, this will end up adorning most of your merch. An instantly recognisable logo or a clever piece of eye-catching artwork can help you stand out from the crowd.

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Using t-shirts to incentivise sign-ups & customer loyalty

Here at Ramp we’re starting to see more and more startups use free t-shirts as an incentive to get people using their product. Everyone loves t-shirts, and everyone loves free stuff. So this seems like a no-brainer, right? We wanted to get to the bottom of what was driving this, and if it was effective.

We spoke with Wil Benton, co-founder of one of our favourite new startups, Chew*, as well as Hugh Hopkins, Product Manager at realtime analytics company GoSquared.

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Choosing the right font, and why it matters

When you’re designing artwork for your merchandise, especially if you’re creating something for an event or group, it’s likely your designs will include text and, for that, you’ll need to choose a font. You might not have given this much thought until now — after all, they all pretty much do the same thing, right?

Actually, no. As well as being eye-catching, a really great font can speak volumes about you and your brand and give people a pretty solid first impression of what you do. Choosing the right one is pretty important then, but with literally thousands out there it can be an overwhelming business. So, we’ve put together a few tips to help you on your way.

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