Customer acquisition with promotional merchandise [Free webinar]

We’ve recently been running a series of webinars teaching people how to get more users and customers by giving away t-shirts and other promotional merchandise. It’s a tried and trusted method, and in the video below our CEO breaks it down to help you understand how you can do it in a risk-free way.


In this short, informative recording, we looked at some great case-studies of people who have generated literally millions of dollars for their business by giving away free t-shirts, as well as given away some great tips and tricks for how you can try these methods basically risk free.

And, as I mention in the webinar, think about whether your next potential client will remember you more if you pay for their coffee, or if you give them a t-shirt which costs the same as a coffee!?

Check out all other promotional merchandise we offer on our Products page!

Below the video you will see the links to the interviews and case studies that I mention in the recording. You’ll also see a link to the blog about our clever cold email campaign that generated massive traffic and sales (as well as hundreds and hundreds of funny, amazed, and glowing responses). I didn’t have time to cover it in the webinar in the end, but all the information is in the blogpost.

If you have any questions, just email me directly (, or hit the comments below.

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